Turnkey Solutions

Calibration and final tests

Audio system calibration

System Calibration

System Calibration

The audio and acoustic engineers work in total synchrony to ensure the right balance between the acoustic calibration of the rooms and the placing of the equipment, with a special focus on the placing of the speakers.

Measurements and tests

A series of analysis are performed with the impressive set of instruments available, to specify all aspects of the rooms’ acoustics and resolve any anomalies or discrepancies from the set standards. All the audio and video equipment and systems will also be tested.

Final certification


Reverberation Test

On completion of the works, all the certificates are drawn up, guaranteeing that all works have been completed to state-of-the-art standards: certificates of good workmanship, of conformity and warranty for the systems, and of testing, are issued. The audio and acoustic designs, the block diagrams, the reports on all worksite meetings and the operator’s manuals are also consigned.

After-sales service

Customer care does not end with consignment of the keys. Reson8 assures its customers a first class after-sales service. It is the firm’s job to provide users with a start-up and staff training period and supply useful information at any time. Reson8 undertakes to provide system upgrades in person, or to offer remote assistance for the customer and its technical staff.