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Reson8 offers a complete Acoustic Treatment, Media Facility and Audio Engineering service. It is based at Padua, in Italy.

Comprising a group of professionals with many years’ experience in the professional audio industry, Reson8 specialises in acoustic treatment and the design and construction of audiovisual systems. Reson8 is able to satisfy every requirement, for professional or private premises such as recording studios, practice rooms, broadcasting studios, cinemas, theatres, concert halls, gyms, restaurants, schools, places of worship or home theatres.

Reson8’s mission is to create the best work or leisure environment through acoustic treatment projects, with the integration of audio, video and data systems.

The working and leisure environments where we spend most of our days have considerable influence on our mental and physical well-being and our success in our chosen tasks. Acoustically engineered rooms significantly improve quality of life and are a major social and economic asset.

Modern technology can deliver excellent results, and customers may often find it difficult to choose from the many options available.

Our distinguishing feature is our ability to combine in-depth knowledge of the acoustic treatment and soundproofing of buildings with the design and installation of audio and video systems.

Reson8 is the only company to specialise in the design and realisation of both acoustic treatment, electrical and air-conditioning systems, and audio and video equipment. This is of fundamental importance, because usually each individual part of the project is managed separately, by different professionals. Often, the architect of the acoustics has little or nothing to do with the installation and operation of the equipment, while the audio engineer is not informed about matters relating to the structures, the acoustics or the electrical systems.

Reson8 draws on its experience and know-how to provide the best technological solution, tailored to the unique features of every individual project. What’s more, its high-tech capabilities enable it to solve any problem, thus cutting working times.

Integrating the various areas of expertise helps guarantee the success of the project, and offers a number of benefits:

  • A single contact, managing the project from the start through to handover of the keys: the customer will receive assistance in every stage of the undertaking, significantly reducing times and costs.
  • Advance definition of all the structural and technical features involved in the construction of a studio: there will be no changes while work is in progress because everything is decided at the outset.
  • Precise definition of construction times: with a single contact, the handover date is calculated with precision.
  • Complete integration of all the craftsmen involved: this increases quality and cuts construction times.
  • Precise, weighted definition of the costs before work starts.
  • Optimisation of expenditure: with a single contact, waste is eliminated.
  • Just one contact responsible for overseeing both the realisation of the project and the correct operation of the equipment.
  • Once the job is complete, the same contact will certify and guarantee the technical and structural works.
  • Guaranteed swift, professional after-sales service.
  • Training for technical staff if required.

Reson8 guarantees the best results in the acoustic treatment and sound engineering of a working or leisure environment.