Public Buildings

Reverberation inside a public venue can cause a 50% reduction in the approval rating of locations of all kinds.

Reson8 has drawn on its experience in the acoustic design and construction of recording studios and applied the same principles to develop a vast range of remediation solutions for the soundproofing and acoustic treatment of public premises. Whether professional or private, including practice rooms, cinemas, theatres, concert halls, gyms, restaurants, schools or places of worship, Reson8 satisfies every request.

Reson8 works alongside architects and interior designers and provides advice, designs and state-of-the-art products for acoustics and styling. The supply, design and installation of audio and video systems for the soundproofing of premises is another strong point.

Our distinguishing feature is our ability to combine in-depth knowledge of the acoustic treatment of spaces with the design and installation of audio and video systems.