Multi-purpose Meeting Rooms

Una sala conferenze acusticamente trattata

Una sala conferenze acusticamente trattata

In an indoor environment, when a sound source generated by an amplification system or simply by people talking strikes an obstacle – the walls, floor or ceiling – some of the sound energy is reflected. When the obstacle that reflects the sound wave is less than 17 m from the sound source, the reflected waves reach the ear virtually at the same time as the direct waves and overlap with them; our ears are unable to distinguish between the direct and reflected sound, causing a phenomenon known as reverberation.

Reverberation is very detrimental to sound quality, since it reduces the clarity of speech and musical phrasing. Meeting rooms often do not have the right acoustic properties, since the sound reverberation time is too long. The resulting sound is therefore often unsatisfactory, and not suitable for the event being staged.

Reson8 constructs multipurpose meeting rooms on a “turnkey” basis, with soundproofing and acoustic treatment and equipped with top-class audio and video technology.

  • Equipment automation systems (volume, lighting and screen operation)
  • Conference systems with digital voting
  • Attendance control by means of personal badges
  • Digital audio and video recording
  • Stereo audio and 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound
  • Video systems with giant screens and 2D and 3D projectors
  • Simultaneous translation systems