Turnkey Solutions

Production of the drawings and documentation

Specification of the soundproofing

Soundproofing is the ability of a structure which divides two or more rooms to reduce the acoustic energy propagated from the disturbing to the receptor room. It is important to think in terms not of soundproofing materials, but of structures with high soundproofing power. These structures consist of a combination of solids and air, the two fundamental ingredients in good soundproofing.

Structure countertops, walls and ceiling

Structure countertops, walls and ceiling

Structures must be installed on a floating floor and comprise cavity walls, with a layer of air and soundproofing material in the middle. There must be no connection between the two outer surfaces and the cavity must be at least 4 cm thick; this means that the soundproofing power will comprise the sum of the powers of the two individual partitions.

The success of a soundproofing structure depends on attention to every specific feature Reson8 offers a solution to any problem, and takes special care over every detail.

Specification of acoustic treatment

A room’s proportions are fundamental in ensuring the even distribution of low frequencies. Since there is no universal solution, the design must meet the needs of every individual room.

The room’s geometrical form then has to be considered. The main aim is to create a listening point without any primary reflections.

Last come the acoustic finishes. The right solution will provide good acoustics, stay within the budget and create an attractive room.
It is Reson8’s job to achieve an attractive combination of all the elements used.

Choice of materials and finishes

The materials and finishes are selected with care. A perfectly soundproofed room with acoustic treatment must also be pleasing to the eye.

Reson8 builds state-of-the-art rooms in which comfort and quality of life and work are protected and improved.

A report is prepared, containing:

  • survey of the building’s passive acoustic prerequisites
  • ground plans, cross sections and perspective views
  • specification of the technical structure of the soundproofing
  • specification of the acoustic treatment structure
  • list of the materials and finishes used
  • technologies adopted
  • design of the air-conditioning systems and description of functions and characteristics
  • design of the electrical system with description of functions and characteristics
  • design of the audio system with description of functions and characteristics
  • design of the special, sound, network, burglar alarm, fire prevention and domotic systems with description of functions and characteristics
  • block diagram of the layout of the audio and video equipment
  • estimate of time for completion of the works
  • estimate of total costs

This documentation will also be used to apply to the relevant local offices for any permits.