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Una sala cinema trattato acusticamente

Una sala cinema trattato acusticamente

In a cinema or theatre, as well as soundproofing the building, it is also essential to ensure that the audience can hear the performance clearly and in detail.

The acoustics of amenities of this kind should be designed and corrected at the same time as their audio systems. Reson8 applies state-of-the-art technologies to study interiors and select and correctly position the most appropriate audio equipment.

To select the optimal audio system, Reson8 creates a three-dimensional model of the theatre or cinema, considering the various types of materials used and simulating the results obtained with various speaker layouts (model, quantity, power and dispersion); this allows a number of factors such as intelligibility, acoustic pressure distribution and level to be predicted with objective certainty.

Soundproofed Structure

When it comes to the soundproofing of a cinema or theatre, the various rooms must be insulated from each other and from the outside. Various parts of the structure (walls, floors and ceilings) and access points (doors and windows, air-conditioning systems and electrical systems and wiring) are all involved in this process.

Low frequency soundproofing is the most critical aspects, and therefore an external structure capable of containing them (non environment double shell), preferably in brick or stone, must be built.

Dry sand filling may be used in the cavities (including those of the double ceilings) as an amorphous material. The internal acoustic treatment modules (Helmotz or diaphragm resonators) are installed between this perimeter structure and a second, inner structure, with specially angled or diaphragm walls.