Luxury Acoustics

Luxury Acoustic Design

Bosco Verticale, Milan


Sala Musica

Music Room

Luxury Acoustic Design

Torre Solea, Milan

Reson8 is increasingly committed in Luxury Acoustic Design, where technical expertise and elegance meet – creating spaces in which the delicacy of design introduces a grand technological performance.

This philosophy made Bosco Verticale’s Music Room possible, whose outstanding sonic results are achieved by proper acoustic treatment harmonized with the refined elements of design. Italian architect Stefano Boeri came up with the concept of Bosco Verticale, or Vertical Forest, as a way to combine high-density residential development with tree planting in city centres: the two towers, measuring 80 and 112 metres, are home to as many trees as could be planted in a hectare of forest. The avantgarde project features an exclusive Music and Audiovisual Room – a realization entirely signed by Reson8.

Underneath the refined frame and its radiant lines beats an high-end technological heart: invisible surround system, retractable television, unparelled domotic control over every aspect of the room.

Multimedia content and devices are managed through an integrated system, that coupled with the acoustic design and treatment of the room gives the best possible performance. The entire system developed by Reson8 has the highest level of integration with the surroundings, to the point of becoming invisible: a motorized ceiling bracket conceals silently the TV inside the wooden boiserie. Hence, the room reveals its technological power only when desired, completely re-imaginable to fit your wishes and give you the most flexibility.


Exclusive Housing in Milan:
Torre Solea has also been enriched by Reson8.

Solea is an iconic housing tower that changed Milan’s skyline. The tower boast a large number of balconies with panoramic sights on both the cathedral and the Alps, together with the elegant visions of wide glass windows, crystal terraces and black granite. Alongside Alida Forte Catella’s Interior Design work we have the Music Room, an Acoustic Design realization made by Reson8.